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Written by - Bluebella


How do you successfully pack for a successful holiday? We show you how...

Now that we're in the throws of summer, the one word on everyone's lips is... HOLIDAY! Whether you are jetting off to somewhere sunny or road-tripping it to one of your favourite spots in the UK, many of us find packing a chore we'd rather someone else do for us. How many outfits to take? What if it rains? You mean I can't take ALL 50 heels to choose from?!

But fear not, we've compiled the ultimate holiday packing hit list to ensure that whatever your suitcase size, you'll be more than ready to hit that beach come rain or shine...

It's a rumour we've heard but never quite believed - until we actually tried it. Rolling up your clothes really DOES save space! You'll be amazed at how many more dresses you can sneak in and what's more, you can see much more easily at a glance what you've got in there. Organisational heaven.

2. Be versatile. Keep colours tonal and stick to a basic palette that you can easily mix and match. Think white, blue, black and grey and then choose a few key colour-pop items that can be teamed with your core items.

3. Be ruthless. Sunday Times Style Fashion Editor Pandora Skyes doesn't mess around when it comes to packing for a week's break and says, 'for a one week holiday, I'll go with five dresses, two or three pairs of shorts and four or five easy to wear tops.' So, if you're tempted to haul of all your wardrobe into the suitcase, step away.

4. Plan. Being ruthless basically means planning wisely. In order to keep clothes choices to a minimum, planning outfits will help reduce that mid-holiday panic that you haven't brought your favourite shorts. But this doesn't mean completely new outfits for each night. Mix and match your key essentials to create totally new looks.

5. Be weather wise. You may well be going to the hottest place on Earth but that doesn't mean an unexpected monsoon is out of the question! Pack a small lightweight scarf, small brolly and bomber jacket - you'll be well equipped for whatever the weather throws at you.

6. Shoe addict? Keep cool. Always best to pack your shoes at the bottom of the case and don't forget to cram them into the corners - you'll get more in than you imagined. But don't go crazy. Heels are great but not always practical so pack one pair you can't live without and opt for wearable holiday flats, beach flip-flops and gorgeous sandals.

7. And of course, don't forget the all important holiday underwear! With a gorgeous sun-kissed glow, you definiely don't want to be stuck with any old lingerie that you threw in last minute. Make sure you pack some of your favourite bra and knicker sets so that whatever you step out in at night, you feel wonderful underneath too...

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