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Bluebella x Ashish: Behind The Sparkle

Written by - Bluebella

Bluebella x Ashish

The limited edition Bluebella x Ashish capsule brings together two fashion powerhouses from East London, delivering a unique fusion of innovation, attitude, expression, and – naturally – unapologetic sparkle.

Bluebella x Ashish

This one-of-a-kind collection was designed by Ashish himself and is driven by the idea of attainable couture, transcending seasons with its bold political statements, multiple styling possibilities and freedom of expression.
We’ve spoken to Ashish about his vision, inspirations and favourite pieces from the collection, letting you take a peek behind the veil of this exciting collaboration.

Women have always been at the heart of Bluebella. How do you empower women through your designs?

Glamour is empowering. The word glamour itself derives from witchcraft and originally came from the Scottish term for "magic spell”, so being glamorous very much comes from the idea of being able to cast a spell!

We know you love the whole collection (who doesn’t), but do you have a favourite piece?

I love the rhinestone slogans on the slip dresses. It’s not often that you see a garment like the slip dress used as a canvas for (political) messaging, and that’s what made this concept stand out to me.

You and Bluebella seem like a match made in heaven. What made you want to create a collection with us?

I wanted to explore the intersection of lingerie and sparkle, so I found the opportunity to team up with Bluebella a very exciting one.

The thought-provoking slogans are some of the most memorable elements of the collection. Can you tell us more about the meaning behind them?

I designed this collection in 2021. “This Is A Protest" slip feels like a response to just about everything happening in the world right now. "Ban Space Travel" came about because we only have one planet, and the idea of space tourism for the super-rich is really just outrageous when we are on the brink of environmental catastrophe. “World Peace” – I think one really speaks for itself.

Where does your affinity for sparkle comes from, and what are your best tips for people trying to add some dazzle into their wardrobe?

The attraction to shiny things is an evolutionary behaviour, because it comes from our innate and primal need to search for and be near water. But sparkle for me is also an act of resistance, a way to evoke a feeling of joy in difficult times. I think everyone needs a sequin dress because it's an instant dress-up. It’s effortless.

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