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Written by - Bluebella

Join Our Conversation This Summer...


During this incredible summer of sport, we have launched a very exciting campaign called #BeStrongBeBeautiful to start a conversation around strength and beauty. 

We have teamed up with three amazing athletes to celebrate the strong female form and to hopefully encourage women of all abilities to feel confident in enjoying sport and be proud of their bodies. As Emma Watson discussed in her ‘He for She’ campaign, too many girls and women are still inhibited from following their sporting dreams due to perceived opinion around a strong female form not looking feminine. The biggest misconception is that female athletes are tomboys, their physical strength makes them unfeminine, they don’t fit into the mould of ‘the pretty girl’.

We want to teach girls that femininity does not indicate weakness, just as masculinity does not equal strength. We believe that every woman, whether she’s a fitness fanatic, a once-a-week gym goer or looking to simply start a sporting hobby, should have the confidence to work her body how she wants and be proud of her inner and outer strength.

We're proud to have worked with three incredibly inspirational women on this campaign, who are all expected to be stars of the summer - Amber Hill, Stefanie Reid and Bryony Shaw. All of them have been on their own personal journeys in regards to their bodies, confidence and strength and want to encourage women of all ages to enjoy sport and be proud of their bodies. 

#BeStrongBeBeautiful is all about taking control and having the confidence to build the body you want to build, regardless of outdated ideas about femininity and muscularity. Over the next few weeks, we'll be discussing the campaign on our social media platforms and we want you to join in the conversation too! For exclusive behind the scenes footage, one-to-one interviews and much more, head over to our dedicated page now! 

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