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Get summer sorted!

Written by - Bluebella

Summer, we see you!

It’s time to leave the red wine on the shelf and pick up a chilled bottle of rosé - or even better pop a bottle of fizz, because we’re finally starting to feel the soft rays of sun on our faces. That can only mean one thing - summer is finally here - or at least will be for a couple of weeks...
No more evenings huddled under blankets. Instead we’ll be enjoying cocktails on rooftop bars, picnics in the park, and dancing to our favourite bands in a field we’ll hope won’t be too muddy. The slightly warmer clime also means it’s now possible to ditch the winter coat and bask in the sun in a few less clothes. Bras and basques have been creeping their way into the fashion scene for a little while now, and given what we’re all about, we’re loving the styling of our favourite pieces that have been floating around the Insta sphere.
Bluebella lingerie Nova Bra Black
Whether it’s a sneak peak of a lacy number under a translucent top or going full throttle with a body tucked into jean shorts, lingerie as outerwear is really rearing it’s seductive head. Of course, we’re not all used to leaving the house with our undies on show - maybe the words of our parents have stuck with us a little longer than we thought - so we’ve put together a few little styling options to help you ace this trend in style.
Day ‘n’ Night
If you told your mum you were wearing your pyjamas outside she’d probably assume you were sleepwalking, but now that the days are lasting longer, so are our PJs, and when we’re rocking something so silky and soft to bed, we want to show it off in the daytime too! Camisoles have long been a summer staple, but with the growing creation of chemises and babydolls too hot to wear solely in the sheets, the possibilities are endless.
To kick things off you could combine a body with a pair of jeans, or if you’re looking for a slightly more daring festival style, pair it with a chunky jacket and some thick black boots to add to the delicate but daring contrast.
Bluebella lingerie Nova Bra Ivory
Snaps of Straps
Showing off your bra is no longer a taboo and, as you can guess, we’re super thrilled about that. Whether it’s letting your straps shine under a baggy top or baring all with an open shirt, the bra look is fast becoming a summer fashion staple and it’s not just on our little island either. Festival goals Coachella was awash with some incredible fashion, including some beautiful people showing off our beautiful bras! We especially loved Pipes Malone rocking the best selling Nova Bra with some saucy fishnets and an oversized shirt.
Bluebella Lingerie - Nova Bra Black
If you’re not feeling that boisterous, however, start off with something a little more contained such as the Jamie Bra in white under a denim shirt!
Bluebella lingerie Ivory Jamie Bra and Brief White
Bodies, bras and denim jeans
Touching back on the festival scene, the look of a lacy body tucked into some roughed-up denim shorts has been making the rounds summer after summer, and it’s not venturing off anytime soon! Whereas a lot of brands have hopped on the trend train and are loving the leotard look, we believe there’s nothing more delicious than showing a little bit more skin and sticking to a touch of lace. If you’re just getting started try it out yourself by tucking our Aria Body into a pair of mom jeans or track pants. You'll definitely be the star of the show!
Bluebella Body Aria Black
All mesh everything
We started to see mesh crop up a couple of summers ago on the shores of Ibiza and in the Instagram pages of LA’s finest, but it’s truly becoming a trend to be reckoned with now, and it’s playful style can mean anything from netting style tops to slinky black dresses. We even saw the lovely Ashley Louise James wearing the Jamie T-shirt at Coachella.
Bluebella nightwear Jamie T-shirt Fishnet White
It’s ability to adapt also means it’s not just reserved for festivals. Pop something meshed over a black slip dress to create the ultimate cool girl's night out.
We’re finally seeing summer, so it’s time we saw a bit more of you!
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