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Getaway Lingerie: Staycation or Vacation

Written by - Bluebella

What lingerie to pack for a weekend away, summer sun or simply a cosy night in

Hello, sunshine! Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like us you’re likely already planning your next getaway. While International travel might still be a little tricky this year, weekend trips to warmer climates, rural countryside getaways, and urban city breaks are the go-to – and every getaway needs a suitable lingerie wardrobe to go with.

Whatever your plans are this summer, we’ve got you sorted with our top lingerie picks for every occasion.

What Lingerie To Wear for...

A Weekend Getaway

The trendy Airbnb is booked, you’ve planned your itinerary like a pro, however you might be feeling at a loss when it comes to what to pack for your travels. Spend more time exploring your surroundings and less time worrying about what to wear by packing lingerie that will carry you from day-to-night. A glimpse of a classic black bralette like our Marseille or Audrey underneath a linen shirt is ideal for your daytime travels, and can be transformed into a seductive evening look crisp blazer or a satin slip dress. We’re talking the kind of sightseeing that will make your weekend getaway even more memorable..

You’ll also need to consider your travel outfit. If you’re travelling in a flowy dress or high-waisted pants, high-rise underwear provides total comfort and also gives a better fit under certain outfits. Perfect for your action-packed weekend.

Sexy Lingerie

High-waisted Lingerie

Warmer weather

We’ve all heard by now that girl summer is about to get even hotter this year. As the weather gets warmer and we’re flocking to the nearest beach or rooftop bar in that new dress we just bought, grab a pretty pastel lingerie set to show off too. Pastel underwear compliments any summer outfit and is a sure fire way to spread even more seasonal joy.

Another summer essential is lace lingerie - everyone needs a little lace in their life. It’s soft against the skin and will make you feel light and radiant regardless of what you're wearing on top!

Make sure to check out our full Spring Summer 2021 collection.

Pastel Lingerie

Lace Lingerie

Romantic Date Night

Romantic getaways and lingerie go hand in hand, like that first sip of coffee in the morning — it just makes sense. Whether you’re planning a weekend rendezvous or wanting to spice up date night, look no further than our provocative lingerie collection. Turn the heat up with a teasingly tantalising cut-out bodysuit or a sensual black bra and thong set. Finish the look with a matching suspender and hosiery and you’re guaranteed to make a lasting impression

Provocative Lingerie


Staying home

Staying home has become the new going out. You might be chilling outside in the sun or cosying up on the sofa with a glass of wine watching all 8 episodes of your favourite series (hey, we’re not judging), either way, you’ll want to be wearing something comfortable. A non-padded bra like our Lilia or Thea bra not only feels like a second skin but also looks great under a slouched tee.

It isn’t just lingerie you can have fun with, why not up your loungewear game too with a luxurious satin co-ord? We have an array of nightwear that takes dressing-up-to-stay-in to a whole new level! Ditch the cosy sweatpants and do your next girls-night-in in style.

Underwear for Support and Comfort

Loungewear & Nightwear

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