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Lingerie Inspired Halloween Looks

Written by - Bluebella
Spooky season is officially upon us, and that means one thing - it’s the one time of year it’s acceptable to go all out and rock a full on fancy-dress outfit.

Halloween this year is the first in what feels like forever, and the last two years have definitely given us a lot to play with. From the iconic Squid Games taking over our screens, Instagram feeds and #foryou pages, to Kim Kardashian Meta Gala memes galore, you won’t be short of inspiration this Halloween.

Gone are the days of rocking up to a fancy dress party dressed like Cady Haron in Mean Girls, only to find that you really did not understand the assignment. We’re here to help you to come up with a hauntingly sexy Halloween costume that will have eyes popping.

Lingerie Inspired Halloween Looks

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween with a big night out or going full American holiday season with a fancy-dress extravaganza every night of the week, we have plenty of inspiration for the best adult Halloween costumes to stand out from the crowd.

Dress to thrill this Halloween with Bluebella’s guide to lingerie-inspired Halloween costumes and shop our selection of Halloween-appropriate lingerie.

Lewk One: Trending Halloween Costumes

2020 was the year that sent us into lockdown, had us working from our kitchen tables, and added a new word to our repertoire: WAP. Cardi B and Megan The Stallion served bright, bold, and sexy, and, yes - we’re here for it.

Cardi B

Cardi B and Megan The Stallion serving bright coloured lingerie looks in WAP

If you’re looking to recreate some of the iconic looks from this showstopping video this Halloween then you’ll want to get yourself some sexy lingerie - and you’re in the right place. Treat yourself to bright and provocative lingerie from our Pride Collection.

WAP gave us loads of inspiration to play with so why not get together with your girls dress up as the ultimate girl-gang - Cardi, Normani, Rosalia, Kylie Jenner and Rubi Rose? #SquadGhouls

black tights

Credit: Seventeen Magazine
Rosalia, Normani and Megan The Stallion serving sexy in WAP

On the other end of the spectrum, but equally iconic, is Netflix’s fan favourite Bridgerton. The 19th-century swoon-worthy romance series was a bonafide hit, taking the world (and Kim Kardashian) by storm, breaking Netflix records to become the most-watched show in Netflix history (recently only surpassed by Squid Game).

We definitely expect to see some Bridgerton inspired looks for Halloween this year - and perhaps even some Daphne and The Duke couple costumes. When recreating your favourite Bridgerton inspired Halloween costumes, think of 19th-century inspired lace, corsets, camisoles, and basques.

Lewk Two: Couples Costumes

Couple costumes for Halloween are always fun, and this year we’ve had a plethora of new relationships (hello Kourtney K and Travis Barker) to be inspired by. Couple costumes aren’t exclusively for romantic couples either, grab your bestie and decide who’s going to be who this Halloween, as we give you the low down on some easy couples costumes.

She’s the queen that gave us Jennifer’s Body, and with their ‘are they, aren’t they’ on-screen kisses and music video cameos, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s new romance has taken the internet by storm and, luckily for us, given us a lot to play with for couple inspired Halloween costumes.

Nail Megan and MGK’s iconic look from the Billboard music awards with a sheer black bodysuit and skirt combo, whilst your partner opts for a casual black suit (bleached hair and tattoos are preferable but optional).

If Megan and MGK aren’t your bag - maybe your partner isn’t keen on showing their face - why not recreate Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala moment with an all-black look. Saving yourself the hassle of hiring a makeup artist? Genius.

Last up for our couple looks and by no means the least, we bring you 2020 icons Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin. This was a fave for couples’ Halloween-Zoom costumes last year, so we expect to see Tiger King wackiness in full force this year. Go full on Carol Baskin Halloween costume, with a floral top or dress paired with a floral headband and, voilà!

Lewk Three: Superhero Chic

Who doesn’t love a superhero, or, (whisper it) a supervillain? With new releases from Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow and Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil, you have plenty of badass characters to choose from. And with all the modern re-vamps this year, we can thankfully kick those cumbersome capes to the curb. Today’s heroes and villains are serving us sleek silhouettes and killer accessories (like…literally). All you need to decide is, which side are you on?

Black leather + cinched waist + thigh harness = an absolute winner of a Halloween look. You’ll have everyone under your spell as Black Widow from the Avengers films.

Work some strapless, Grecian inspired armour like our main Gal (Gadot) in the latest Wonder Woman 1984, and stan some subversive nouveau feminism while you’re at it (get you…saving the world one Halloween costume at a time 💪)

Lewk Four: The Baddies

2021 has given us baddies galore. The highly anticipated sequel to cult-classic Suicide Squad was released on our screens - aka the return of the iconic Harley Quinn - and Margot Robbie’s iconic Harley Quinn gave us a number of looks in the latest movie. Oozing villainess vibes that we just can’t get enough of, Harley Quinn has been a Halloween costume staple since the launch of the franchise, with her hate-to-love charisma and general bad-ass-ness.

She might be bad, but she’s a babe. Poison Ivy is the anti-hero of our time, using her powers to fight for the preservation of the natural world - how very 2K19. Slip into some leafy print lingerie to work the Poison Ivy look.

And how could we not include Cruella? Bringing back 1996 101 Dalmations vibes, this year we got to see Emma Stone reprise the role of Cruella De Vil - but make it fashion. Cruella is a modern twist on a cult villain classic and we loved every second of it this girl-boss remake.

If you’re looking for a simple adult Cruella De Vil costume, grab yourself a black bodysuit, black trousers and cape (leave the dalmations at home). We’re obsessed with Khloe Kardashian’s Cruella look from 2019.


We want to see how you’re wearing your Bluebella spook-style this Halloween! Tag us @bluebella in your Instagram posts and scare our stockings off 👻
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