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#SexyAF | Meet Nelly London

Written by - Bluebella
In case you didn’t already know, Nelly London is a fashion and lingerie influencer and long time friend of Bluebella. With over 420,000 followers her Instagram is truly a breath of fresh air, spreading daily messages of self-acceptance and all things body positivity.

Nelly speaks openly on her battle with eating disorders as well as the complications of her breast reduction surgery, encouraging us to embrace our scars and imperfections and to be proud of our bodies. If you are ever in need of a real feel good moment, this is exactly where to look.

Learn a little more about Nelly….

First things first, please introduce yourself!

Hello! I'm Nelly, I live in Brighton and I make content mostly about body acceptance and eating disorder recovery. I also post a lot of underwear pics because I physically can't not, the obsession with lingerie is extremely real.

Tell us, what makes you feel empowered in your body and sexuality?

Ooh love that question. Honestly it's different things at different times. Sometimes I feel best after I've been on a hike (bloody love a hike, I never see any other humans when and if I do they always have a dog so I don't mind), sometimes I feel really empowered after reading something inspiring or hearing something on a podcast or something like that. And of course a lot of the time I feel seriously empowered in a beautiful set of matching undies. It really depends but it's different all the time.

You’re a daily source of positivity to so many people across the world, which all started by sharing your love of lingerie. How did it begin and why did you choose lingerie?

Aww thank youuuuu 💕 It’s a funny one actually because I remember when it started so well. I had a breast reduction when I was about 18 or 19 (I can’t actually remember), and that gave me the biggest boost of confidence I had ever experienced in my life. I was a double H before my reduction and the amount of pain and discomfort in my own body that they caused was pretty extreme. I remember when I had the operation and I suddenly had these boobs that would fit “normal” bras. I was just beside myself with excitement. I could suddenly buy cute matching sets and have them actually support my breasts and look stupidly cute. At the time nearly nowhere stocked my size. From then on it just became a genuine passion that has stuck around ever since.

Your personal body journey has resonated so well with your community. Was it hard to open up in the beginning, or did you feel confident right away?

Oh absolutely, when I first started to post more natural photos (less posed/edited) and more about my actual life, struggles and all, I was terrified, especially when I would discuss eating disorders and my personal experiences, which sounds so dumb now. I definitely used to try to fit into the whole 'insta' vibe of always looking flawless but hated every second of doing that. I remember spending HOURS trying to get a pose completely perfect, it was hell. Then the second I got more honest with myself, that's when things really took off. I am actually so embarrassed to look at my old posts but we are always learning I guess.

Which items does everyone need in their lingerie drawer to feel their boldest and most confident self?

Something that you feel good in and is comfy. I find it so hard to feel good in something that isn't physically comfortable. It's so hard to figure out the type and style of lingerie that makes you feel good and it definitely can take some trial and error. I think it's good to remember that it's okay to not feel absolutely unbelievable in everything, I still try things and think "nope, this isn't for me".

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