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What’s your Valentine’s mood?

Written by - Bluebella

Finding the perfect Valentine’s outfit


Whatever your plans and relationship status, Valentine’s Day can be a fun time in the calendar to explore some self-expression. It’s a chance to bring out a side to your character that you may not give a lot of time to in the general day-to-day. Maybe you’re a lingerie afficionado in love with co-ordinated sets, but you want to try something a little bit different this year? Or perhaps you’ve always admired beautiful lingerie from a distance, never really taking the plunge but feeling tempted nonetheless?

Whoever you are and whatever your mood this Valentine’s, here at Bluebella we’ve come up with a guide to choosing the perfect Valentine’s outfit, whether you’re planning on sharing your new look or keeping it just for yourself.



Feeling Flirtatious…

It’s all about embellishments with this mood, whether that’s a swirl of guipure lace or a tactile velvet appliqué. These touches elevate a piece, bringing a softly flirtatious feel to your Valentine’s outfit and enchanting the eye as well as appealing to the sense of touch. Texture is key here, with eyelash lace working particularly well with this playful and light mood. Check out two of our bestselling collections, Julienne and Mariana, for a masterclass in flirty Valentine’s lingerie.



Sensationally Seductive…

For the ultimate Valentine’s lingerie look, it has to be red. The colour of love, red is the obvious choice for a Valentine’s outfit and whilst we have a whole range of options to choose from, there are a few front runners when it comes to winning in the seductive stakes. The provocative shapes and cut-outs of the Nova collection are elevated to a whole new level when cast in a rich red hue, whilst our new in Eden Bodysuit is a bold and beautiful statement one-piece.



Best For Being A Boss…

If the vibe this Valentine’s is more world-domination than candlelit dinner, can we just say – we are here for it. Bluebella pieces are always directional and confident, working with strong and innovative shapes to make you feel amazing. The key to this mood? Broad, elasticated strapping to create a striking cage-effect look. Best for this are the ever-popular Karolina and Emilia, two bold and beautiful collections that frame and flatter the body, making you look and feel stunning in your Valentine’s outfit.



Revel in Romance…

This is for those who want Valentine’s to feel like a chocolate advert – slow motion indulgence and soft-lighting coming right up. The only possible Valentine’s outfit for such decadence is cordovan loungewear. Say it aloud and you’ll see what we mean…even the words are opulently delicious. For a one-piece wonder fit for this occasion, the Lucy Bodysuit has it all, from super-soft mesh and elegant lace to a touch of the provocative with slimline banding. Or if you wanted to go full on loungewear, check out the rich wine tones of Elva and the luxurious kimono style Wren Pyjamas.


Whatever your mood this Valentine’s, do it your way and celebrate with Bluebella Xx

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