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Lingerie Accessories


Zuri Harness Black

Regular price $40.00

Oslo Thigh Harness Black

Regular price $40.00

Thea Thigh Harness Black

Regular price $40.00

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Emilia Harness Black Emilia Harness Black

Emilia Harness Black

Regular price $48.00

At Bluebella we believe that lingerie should be provocative and playful, and that one doesn’t necessarily rule out the other. As such, we have developed a boutique range of lingerie accessories, focusing on light bondage inspired pieces such as eye-masks and wrist restraints. Whether this is completely new to you or if you are well-acquainted with the wonderful world of sexy accessories, our range at Bluebella is sure to inspire and delight.

Our lingerie accessories are all crafted in exquisite materials that are soft to the touch. We have worked with the same principles that guide our clothing design process, sourcing and using only the most luxurious textiles to create a feeling of sensual decadence. Whether it’s a velvety restraint or a silky eye-mask, each lingerie accessory has been made to match the impeccable Bluebella standards. These are elegant and sophisticated pieces working with inspiration from fashion and culture to create wearable accessories of impeccable standards.

 Take a peek at our lingerie accessories today and add a touch of decadent playfulness to your wardrobe.