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size s Bra & Panty Set Sale

Tabitha Tie-front Bra and Tie-side Brief Set Black Tabitha Tie-front Bra and Tie-side Brief Set Black

Tabitha Tie-front Bra and Tie-side Brief Set Black

$41.00 Sold Out

There’s something so satisfying about matching lingerie, the effortless achievement of a pulled-together confidence. It’s like a secret weapon that you take through your day, an invisible shield. It makes you feel good, as well as look stunning. And now, with up to 50% off in the Bluebella bra and panty set sale, you can stock up on the feel-good factor at a fraction of the price!

In our Lingerie Sets Sale are three very different collections: Effy, Tabitha and Alexa . Each bra and panty set is unique, with our design team focusing in on the details that make each set feel special. In Effy, the focus is on fun, with a gold spot design and a mesh frill adding movement and softness to this flirtatious set. Alexa is a stunningly strappy collection, with the directional edge softened by the elegant rose dust color. Coming in at better than half price, the Tabitha collection is a steal in this bra and panty set sale, working with rich red lace and ribbons to create a bold and flirtatious set.

With prices this good and sets this unique, you may well find yourself checking out with more than one collection from the bra and panty set sale!