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Bluebella - US

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Sexy bras

Orion Bra White Orion Bra White

Orion Bra White

Regular price $62.00 $25.00

London Bra White London Bra White

London Bra White

Regular price $62.00 $25.00

Laura Balcony Bra White Laura Balcony Bra White

Laura Balcony Bra White

Regular price $48.00 $15.00

Nyane Soft Bra White Nyane Soft Bra White

Nyane Soft Bra White

Regular price $48.00 $24.00

Addison Bra White Addison Bra White

Addison Bra White

$62.00  Sold Out

The Bluebella team have had a lot of fun designing our award-winning luxury bra online collection - and always with confident, sassy and playfully provocative women in mind.

There’s a reason why Bluebella’s sexy bras have a reputation for being a little daring. Be it the Instagram famous Nova bra, well known for its cheeky yet elegant personality, designed with delicate floral guipture lace trim, or the Alyssa bow bra, we love to toe the line between the beautiful, the sophisticated and the playful.

But as you know, sometimes a subtle and graceful charm can also pack just a powerful a punch. In our collection you will find a combination of statement sexy bras designed with directional straps, geometric sheer mesh panels or fishnet with more subtle pieces that reinvent classic elegant lace and designs to give them a fresh and modern edge.

Using flattering shapes, charming detailing and good support, our bras are designed to make you feel irresistible and chic no matter what the occasion. Playing with shades of uncompromising blacks, regal ivories, deliciously fruity raspberries or soft and flirtatious rose dusts, Bluebella bra collection is designed to tantalise every sense. Divine.