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white Panties


Vienna Thong White/Blue

Regular price $28.00

Irena Panty White

Regular price $30.00

Panties, as you our American sisters call them, go without saying, the designers at Bluebella are always looking for a way to inject elegance and sensuality into our pieces while prioritising luxury quality and comfort. Our womens panties collection are not just made from silky to touch materials making them pleasant to wear, but also look absolutely jaw-dropping.

One of Bluebella’s favourite things to do is to add a modern cheeky stamp to timelessly elegant lingerie designs. Expect a little fluttering of some eyelash lace, perhaps a little flash of skin, or maybe a tiny bow or clasp perched gracefully, luring the eye towards all the right places. The clues are in the details when it comes to this panties collection. Statement pieces include our bestselling Nova knickers that combines luxurious guipure lace trim with a modern open back twist and a series of sheer mesh panties with little bursts of sass.

And while we are a fan of subtle surprises, don’t mistake this as being shy. Daring cuts, bold shapes and fierce lines are Bluebella’s signature way of showing the world who’s boss. Provocative, sophisticated, and sexy. Let’s just say, it won’t be your knickers getting in a twist while your wearing these.