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Nightgowns and Kimonos

Chiffon Kimono Black Chiffon Kimono Black

Chiffon Kimono Black

$35.00 Regular price $44.00

Chiffon Kimono Ivory Chiffon Kimono Ivory

Chiffon Kimono Ivory

$35.00 Regular price $44.00

Chiffon Kimono Pink Chiffon Kimono Pink

Chiffon Kimono Pink

$35.00 Regular price $44.00

Pamela Kimono Black Pamela Kimono Black

Pamela Kimono Black

$44.00 Regular price $62.00

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping in to a gorgeously silky nightgown, or drinking that first cup of coffee draped in a delicate kimono. Nightwear and loungewear add luxury and elegance to these quiet moments, transforming them from necessity into indulgence. Here at Bluebella we believe in making the most of every moment, and in finding opportunities for luxury in the everyday. We have created the Bluebella nightwear and loungewear ranges with this philosophy in mind, using only the softest fabrics in gorgeous designs.

A beautiful item enjoying a well-deserved renaissance is the kimono. A kimono adds timeless style to any loungewear wardrobe: whether you’re looking for a light coverup or something with more weight, Bluebella kimonos come in a range of sophisticated designs to suit every taste. They are the perfect luxury piece, with many of our styles working just as well thrown over eveningwear as they do padding about the house.

 For relaxation and sleep a nightgown is ideal, in soft, luxurious fabrics and flattering relaxed shapes. Again, some of our nightgowns are so chic, they can even be worn as outerwear, and who doesn’t like a piece that can multitask? Explore Bluebella’s range of nightgowns and kimonos and find the perfect companion to your relaxation.

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