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Orion Bra Orion Bra

Orion Bra


Priscilla Bra Lilac Priscilla Bra Lilac

Priscilla Bra Lilac

Regular price $64.00 $45.00

Nikita Bra Red Nikita Bra Red

Nikita Bra Red

Regular price $64.00 $39.00

Willa Bra Willa Bra

Willa Bra

Regular price $54.00 $17.00

Saltem Bra Lilac Saltem Bra Lilac

Saltem Bra Lilac

Regular price $62.00 $25.00

Saltem Basque Lilac Saltem Basque Lilac

Saltem Basque Lilac

Regular price $82.00 $33.00

Addison Bra Black Addison Bra Black

Addison Bra Black

Regular price $62.00 $19.00

Pia Bra Black Pia Bra Black

Pia Bra Black

Regular price $62.00 $19.00

Valentine’s Day can be tricky. Whether you are in a relationship or single, it can feel like a very pressurized day where everything has to be perfect. The sky rains rose petals, the streets are paved with chocolate boxes, and it can be hard to find a gift that feels meaningful.

Valentine’s day lingerie is a classic solution to this problem: whether you’re buying for yourself or for your partner a beautiful gift of valentines underwear is the perfect way to make the day feel special and sensual. The most important thing is quality, something that we understand and respect here at Bluebella by using only the best fabrics in our lingerie and nightwear collections. We want our pieces to feel as good as they look, whether that is the soft satin of our Wren Kimono pajama set or the superfine mesh of our stunning Layla Chemise. We combine these gorgeous fabrics with innovative design in our lingerie collections, such as the stunning Julienne and Nova, which both use lace motif detailing to striking, provocative effect.

Speaking of provocative, our new range of accessories would make the perfect accompaniment to any of our valentines day lingerie. The Odette lace eye-mask is a gorgeous addition to any lingerie wardrobe, made with soft satin and trimmed with a delicate band of lace. The eye-mask ties in a bow with a length of soft ribbon, and is so comfortable to wear that it can double up as a sleep mask. Another decadent valentines accessory is the Brooke cuffs, made of soft velvet and secured with a delicate gold-tone chain.

However you’re choosing to spend your valentines day this year, make it special with a gift from Bluebella’s valentines underwear and nightwear collections.