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About The Campaign

Celebrating the female form

In 2016, in celebration of an amazing summer of sport, Bluebella seeks to start a conversation around strength and beauty. As Emma Watson discussed in her ‘He for She’ campaign, too many girls and women are still inhibited from following their sporting dreams due to perceived opinion around a strong female form not looking feminine. The biggest misconception is that female athletes are tomboys, their physical strength makes them unfeminine, they don’t fit into the mould of ‘the pretty girl’.

We believe vehemently in freedom of choice and know that femininity does not indicate weakness, just as masculinity does not equal strength. The choice to train hard, to sweat, to scream, the choice to wear what she wants to wear, when she wants to wear it, the choice not to conform. The athletic female form should be celebrated and admired for the perseverance and dedication it has taken to create, the inner and outer strength so clearly visible.

There really is no such thing as a perfect body - just ask any fit, toned athlete who has spent hours in the gym, striving to hone her body to the peak of physical fitness, to prepare her body to compete at the top.

Even at the highest level, even world class athletes have doubts about their bodies. Words such as muscular, masculine & unfeminine are often used in a negative way to describe an athlete’s body. Many girls give up sport in High School, purely because they don’t want their bodies to become ‘athletic’ - they don’t want to be seen as different among their classmates.

We believe that every woman should take control and have the confidence to build the body that they want to build. From the professional athlete to the once a week gym-goer: it’s your body, your challenge, your life.

Join the Bluebella conversation Be Strong Be Beautiful and meet three amazing sportswomen and their inspiring personal stories - Amber Hill, Stef Reid and Bryony Shaw