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Bluebella stops London traffic

Written by - Bluebella

In our mission to make every day that bit more exciting we are delighted to launch the most exciting adverts ever seen on public transport before, from yours truly, Bluebella.

A lucky fleet of London taxis are now adorned with a moving picture adverts of our designs including the much talked about ‘Alyssa’ bra, which lets wearers undo its bow to reveal or conceal.  Alyssa has already made it into the headlines recently for it’s dare-devilish design.

To bring you a glimpse of what’s to come, and to celebrate the city we love the very best, the Bluebella team hit London’s biggest monuments for a photoshoot with our gorgeous model, Jess.

Bluebella Lingerie - Behind the scenes - London Eye

Behind the scenes - London Eye

 We had a lot of fun strutting around London in our lingerie, dropping in at TowerBridge, the London Eye, and the Houses of Parliament, where we gave a little wave to Theresa May and the gang.

Bluebella stops London traffic - Lingerie

Bluebella stops London traffic in Beatrix Basque

Bluebella London Shoot - Model JessThe temperature was chilly despite the beautiful winter sun but with much hot coffee and a big furry coat model Jess was and absolute trooper. Plus our lovely black cab driven by London cabbie veteran Keith made a nice warm hanging out place between takes.                                                                                  Bluebella Black Cab - Behind the scenes

  Although we did get politely asked to move along by the coppers in Parliament Square, London crowds were loving it as much as we were.

Bluebella stops London traffic - Behind the scenes

 As a London brand, we hold the city very close to our hearts. Bluebella CEO Emily Bendell said:

We are all deeply in love with London here at Bluebella and the city endlessly inspires us. So we couldn’t think of anything better and more quintessentially London than a black cab. The new digital adverts on the roofs of the cabs are perfect to bring our products to life, but we do ask that only the passengers on the road watch the advert and not other drivers!”

Bluebella Lingerie - Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes - London Tower Bridge

Bluebella Tower Bridge London - Lingerie Shoot

 Bluebella stops London traffic in Amelie Body

So keep your eyes peeled for our model unwrapping the Alyssa bra on London taxis this week, as it’ll be gone in a flash.

P.s. Sorry drivers, but eyes on the road!

Bluebella London Eye - Emerson Set Lingerie

Bluebella stops London traffic in Emerson Set

Written by Stephanie Stapleton


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