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Nova Basque Black Nova Basque Black

Nova Basque Black

Regular price $82.00 Sale price $33.00

Anastasia Soft Basque Black Anastasia Soft Basque Black

Anastasia Soft Basque Black

Regular price $72.00 Sale price $22.00

Emerson Basque Emerson Basque

Emerson Basque

Regular price $82.00

Karolina Basque Karolina Basque

Karolina Basque

Regular price $82.00

Angelina Basque Black Angelina Basque Black

Angelina Basque Black

Regular price $82.00 Sale price $33.00

If you know anything about Bluebella, you’ll know that we are famous for our provocative lingerie. We don’t see why sexy lace lingerie has to be unaffordable or uncomfortable, and so we have worked hard to bring you beautiful, seductive pieces at reasonable prices.

We like to push the boat out here at Bluebella, and so as well as classic lace lingerie styles we have also created some more contemporary pieces, working with mesh and banding to bring you beautiful, modern collections with a directional feel. Take our insta-famous Nova collection, for example. These pieces work with a combination of guipure lace and slender strapping, with a choice between provocative open styles or designs with super-fine mesh for more coverage.

The Emerson collection is another beautiful, provocative selection of pieces. Working with a very different feel to the Nova, the Emerson pieces use more classic lace lingerie references, with fine panels of soft lace to add a delicate feel to the collection. However, we could never completely get rid of our contemporary style, and so the collection includes open cups, cut outs and directional strapping to bring a modern feel to the pieces.

We love all our provocative collections here at Bluebella, with each having a very distinctive style and feel. Some collections work more with the lace lingerie look, whereas others focus more on directional strapping and touches of gold hardware for a completely different feel. Browse through our provocative lingerie page to find the perfect match for you.